Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You provide your information to us at your own will. Rawart.com uses that information to serve you better and will not disclose it to third parties except under the following condition:

  • You allow us to do so for a specific reason and will notify use by writing to us and providing us with details of information you want available to other parties.
  • When we need to comply with court order or any legal process. This is to ensure that we comply with the authorities of any country.
  • When we are protecting the privacy and safety of website users or in the process of defending our property rights.
  • When we find that you have been involved in any action that violates Terms of Use of this website or usage guidelines of any of the services contained in this website.

How we collect information from our users:

  • From the Contact Us page; visitors submit their name and email.
  • Comment section; visitors enter their name, email and personal website/blog (if website/blog is absent, provide a link to the social media page(s)).
  • Website Analytics; These are used to collect information on pages that every visitor browse and links they clicked.
  • Subscriptions; Users can subscribe to any of our services such as newsletter, promotion and offers available to other service providers not affiliated to us and latest news.
  • Checking and verifying the IP address used through a legal technology. When using this method, we will always notify and allow you to make a decision to grant or deny us the permission to access your IP address.

What we do with the information we collect:

The information collected by cookies helps us improve your usage. This provides you with information that you are interested but not limited to it.

  • We use that information to improve the website optimization.
  • Any promotion information you provide in the comment section is marked as spam and deleted.
  • Information provided in the contact from is used to solve or rectify what is necessary when appropriate.
  • IP address to ensure that visitors do not use proxies to browse our pages with the intention of conducting any malicious activity.

This Privacy Policy Agreement may change any time without notification and you are advised to check regularly for any changes and updates. Your continued use of Rawart.com is an indication that you have read and agreed to these privacy policies. You are free and welcome to contact us regarding this privacy policy by asking a question or contributing. We will be glad to serve you.


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Whatever content Nancy presents here, that is solely for entertainment purposes. So, you cannot bring her to justice regarding any misinformation in the blog. The author will be updating the content with latest, trending information; visitors or subscribers may miss it unless they closely follow us.

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