I always thought that being able to customize your own shoes is really fun, don't you think? But now it's so easy and fun that anyone can do it. This thanks to Kodak's newest product called Shoe Art Film on Shoes which you can use to this, along with your own photos or designs.

The process is very simple.

First, you must choose which type of shoes you want to work on. This type of Kodak Shoe Art Film on Shoes works best with white or light color backgrounds. So white sneakers are a very primary choice that you can make. My favorite shoes for this job are Converse Sneakers.

Second, use an Ink Jet printer, to print your chosen images, photos or designs on a sheet of Kodak Shoe Art Film. One sheet is pretty much good enough for two sides of one shoe, and half a sheet is good enough for the tongue of the shoe. A hint is to print your design in reverse.

Third, apply glue stick to one side of the shoe's surface, giving it a nice even distribution. Then peel off your design from the Kodak Shoe Art Film, which was printed in reverse, flipping the design over so it's ink side down on the surface of the shoe. You can also move your design around at this point before you finalize the glueing process. To make the design rest on the glue and glue to your sneakers, you can use a stick with a flat edge or even a popsicle stick and rub it really well against the film so it sticks nicely to the shoe's surface.

For a tutorial, read: How to Print to the KODAK Shoe Art Film and Apply It to a Shoe

Finally, you use a craft knife to cut the excess film. You can remove the bigger chunks first and then take your time with the smallest details, such as shoe lace holes, the edges of the shoe's layout and so forth. Just be sure to cut with very little force, since the film is very thin and you don't want to cut into your shoe's fabric. Perform this for all sides of the shoes and the shoes' tongues.

Then your shoes are ready for you to use them. But it's recommended that you first let the film rest for at least 8 hours on them, so the glue can finish up drying, and the design can stick nicely to the shoes. Then you'll have custom shoes that will look amazing anywhere you wear them.