Meet Nancy

Hi my name is Nancy Jones, a married mother of two and originally from London but I'm currently a practicing podiatrist in Columbus, OH.

Shoes and writing are amongst the most favorite things that I do. As a practicing podiatrist, a specialist in foot care, it’s virtually impossible not to have an opinion about shoes, as the majority of my time is spent literaly around shoes and shoe wearers. Although I do like physical activity, sports in general do not top the list of my interests. Yet, I know a lot about what people need as far as shoes and accessories are concerned.

If you have read some of my stuff you may have noticed that I’m a rather straight to the point fellow. Well, maybe it’s because of my training but again I also believe in honesty and therefore not afraid to go against the grain as far as my professional opinion is concerned.

As a practicing podiatrist, I earlier realized that most of my clients were athletes and most of their problems were related to the shoe they wore. This made me both exited and concerned. Exited because was a new phenomenon that was not studied in my medical school and worried because of the pain and agony my clients were going through.

As a trained medical practitioner I decided to do a lot of research, I also encouraged my clients to carry along with them their shoes on every visit. I examined these shoes in terms of design, structure and fit. So far 400 pair of shoes have been evaluated!

This comprehensive research has enabled me to fully understand the importance of making the right choices on the type of shoes to be brought. As a way of my giving back to the society I have also decided to share my findings and professional advice on my blogs.

In my blogs I dedicate a lot of my time in training my readers on the importance of proper selection of shoes and other apparels. My mission is to enlighten and inform people on the best way to shop for shoes, especially athletics shoes and related appeals. In my mission I give honest opinion, I don’t sugar coat anything as am not afraid of going against the grain. As rightly put by one of my readers am obsess with shoes.

So if you are a first time visitor, then be prepared for an interesting, fun and an a very educative trip. Above all I promise you that at the end of it all you will never again take your shoes and feet for granted. As for my regular readers I thank you again for your continued support and trust.