Once you have selected your patterns or images that you want to print, load a single sheet of Shoe Art Film into your printer. With printers that load from the top like this one, simply insert the sheet with the glossy side facing up. Other printers load from the front and this may require that you place the sheet face down in the tray so the proper side is printed. Always feed one sheet at a time and avoid touching the printable glossy surface when handling. The printed side of the material will be applied to the shoe.

 Printer for Kodak Shoe Art

When printing, be sure that you flip or mirror your image. This is a selection that can be made in your printer software. In this example I am accessing the printer’s options through Printer Properties. The Print Mode should be set to normal and the Media Type should be set to Glossy Photo Paper when that option is available.

 Software for Koda Film Shoe Art

In this software, I have selected the Advanced tab and under Layout, I am selecting Mirror. In the example preview you can see that the image will print in reverse. In your printer software, the word Flip may be substituted for Mirror. After making your selections, you are ready to print. To apply the film to a shoe, begin by holding up your printed material to the shoe to determine the rough size of the panel that you need. Then, cut the panel out with a pair of scissors.

 Kodak Shoe Art

Next, apply the included glue to the area of the shoe that the printed material will be applied to. Then, smooth it out with your fingers. Carefully peel the material away from the liner. Place the printed, glossy side of the material ink side down on the area of the shoe that has been treated with the glue. Smooth out the material with your fingers or even a soft craft brush, and make sure that all the material comes into contact with the area that has been treated with the glue. If the desired coverage area is an inset area like with this shoe, be sure to tack in the edges of the material as shown.

Next, use a craft knife to trim the excess material away. Be sure that you leave enough margin around the cut to properly cover the desired area. Shoe Art Film is thin and cuts easily so only minimal pressure is needed when trimming. As you are trimming, be sure that the material stays tucked. Tuck the material as often as necessary. After trimming is complete, apply the glue to the edges to seal the material. If so desired, you can trim out other areas where the material has been applied. Remember to use light pressure when trimming.

 Shoe art with Kodak Film

When applying the material to an even surface or one that isn’t inset, begin by applying the glue to the desired area. Use a finger to smooth out the glue. Then, apply the printed side of the film to the treated area. Trim off the excess material. Finnish by using the glue to seal the edges.

For the toe of a shoe, the same steps should be followed. Apply the glue to the desired area. Smooth out the glue with your finger. Apply the printed side of the film to the shoe. Then, smooth out the area using your fingers. Finally, apply the glue to seal the edges.