Why I Shop at Finish Line

I have been with the Finish Line sneaker and shoe store for quite awhile now and wouldn't shop anywhere else for footwear.

These guys have a super rewards program going on! When I joined up it was quick and easy.

Did it online, became a member and with the membership I received my Winner's Circle Rewards Card

Now, what you can do with this card is pretty cool.

Okay, so I spend 200 dollars, which I do a lot because I like shopping there, and when I spend that amount get back a 20 dollar in store gift certificate!

They are easy to use and get this, you can combine them with Finish Line coupons too (get them here).

They are always sending these 10 and 20 dollar coupons out.

So when I want to buy a pair of sneakers I am getting 40 dollars off! I mean ... that is crazy, how can you go wrong !?

This store will hook you up and can be done all online, super easy. They have all the major brand name sport shoes and sneakers, and other apparel items, too.

We have a Finish Line store here in town. They run specials all the time. When new releases come up like the latest Shaq sneakers, there are line ups around the block to get in.  I got in and using my coupons and the certificates whipped out my Winner's card, got a 120 dollar pair of Shaq's for 60 bucks! I mean, how can you go wrong. Remember though you can buy online, they have a great website, informative, with drop down menus showcasing all the best brands.

I like a term they use. The Finish Line people are not out to sell more athletic shoes, they believe that a fresh, new pair of jazzy sneakers can change a person's outlook on life.

They call it “re-sneakerization,” they are out to hook you up and re-sneakerize America!

You want major savings, definitely sign up with this store, become a member, get your card, save up the coupons, certificates and shop, shop , shop!